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NewTrent AirBender 1.0

February 13, 2014

The new case model is an improvement over the previous one. It feels lighter and thinner. I like that the neck is attached to the keyboard and no longer slides completely out. It's easier to open, and the iPad is easier to maneuver while in the case. The keyboard feels just as good and responsive as the previous model. I like that the language switching button now requires the fn key to be pressed, so I no longer accidentally change the language when opening the case. The only thing I miss is the ability to detach the iPad from the case.

The clip that holds the case closed will sometimes come partially unclasped when I'm putting the case down or holding it along the opposite edge. It also appears that there is a portion of the neck that rubs on the part of the case that the iPad fits in. I'm starting to see a ring around the back of the case.

When I have the iPad in a portrait orientation, if I don't have the neck pulled out at least a few notches, the iPad won't stay up by itself. I usually use in in landscape orientation, so that's not a big deal for me.

Many of my friends, family, and colleagues asked me where I got the case and how I liked it and several have bought their own and also like using it. It makes a great all-around case for the iPad.


Better living through chemicals

February 27, 2013

*Trigger warning*

So, as it turns out, I fell into a depressive slump around the beginning of December. I didn't think about suicide, but I was very listless and felt like I was just all-around worthless. I know none of that is true, but I couldn't stop myself from feeling that way.

I've thought about going to a doctor about this as it's happened two or three times before. Well, this time I went and she prescribed me Escitalopram (the generic drug for Lexapro). It's an SSRI and is in the same class as Zoloft. The first week was pretty rough, but after the medication started doing its work, things got better.

Now, I can really tell the difference. When I get worried now, it's much easier to push it off and doesn't stick with me like it used to. That's sort of how I always felt it should be, so I suppose I always kind of knew something wasn't right. I still get pretty worked up about sleep, especially when I know I won't get to bed before 10, but the next day is usually easier to handle than it has been in the past.

I just hope my wife will continue to forgive me if I have to go home at 9. I'm still in the fight, and I just got me some big guns. Thanks, science!



October 29, 2012

Every once in a while, I'll get an idea in my head and then my imagination will take it and start running around flailing like a kid with sparklers. Then I get sort of sad and depressed. It's not a serious depression, it's a pouty “but whyyyyyyyyyyyyy” kind of feeling. But of course I can't do what I was thinking about, for various reasons. Then I start thinking about how my current situation is worse even though it's not, it's just different. And then I feel like I want to try anyway and see if anyone notices. But I know I shouldn't, but I still want to.

I'm weird.